Our Wonder Woman: The "Spice Girl"


Check out the "Spice Girl"

IT'S THE BEGINNING OF INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S MONTH! So it's the perfect time to kick off our NEW "Wonder Woman Wednesday" series, highlighting our wonderful clients and the stylish ways they slay our clothes!

Setting it off is our first Wonder Woman of the Week: Dominique T! 

From head to toe we love how she styled her look! She's the founder and creative behind TLBRT Hospitality and Mesean Spices. Follow her on the 'gram: @dtlbrt

How to Stick to Your Resolutions


African Fashion inspired journal and sleepwear

After 2020, millions resolved that 2021 was going to be better, and they were to make changes to their lives.

Nearly half of us made New Year's resolutions, but less than 10 percent of us are actually keeping them. Whether it's lack of motivation, lack of resources, or you just lose interest, GO EASY ON YOURSELF and remember you can always make a fresh start and figure out ways to finish what you've started.

Whether it was a vow to shed weight, quit drinking and get fit, a resolution to spend more time helping others, take on new challenges and spend more time with loved ones. It is ok, don't discard and attempt to forget your resolution or commitment to yourself.

Here are few reasons people don't stick to their New Year's resolutions, how to keep it from happening this year and how to pick back and accomplish your resolutions.

COVID -19 Has Made Face Masks the “Must Have” Fashion Accessory

With no return to normal in the foreseeable future, and after many months of lockdown in an effort to combat the transmission of the Coronavirus, it seems Americans have grown weary of social isolation. With the country pushing to reopen, businesses have pressured many workers to get back to work.

The medical establishment has warned that Americans will have to change their ways and adopt new habits in efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus disease. Along with social distancing and hand washing, doctors have advised, and many states have passed laws that require anyone in public to wear a mask!

Operating Globally When the World Has Shut Down

Despite interruption from the global pandemic of COVID -19 and its many disruptions to the worldwide supply chain, including a dramatic slowdown in shipping between the United States and Liberia. Our team has been working really hard to ensure that our business operates seamlessly to meet the needs of our customers in a timely manner.

Choosing a Kid-Friendly Face Mask

With many states reopening schools, masks for kids are not only vital for their protection from COVID-19, but will most likely be required by law, if they do return to school.

When choosing kids’ masks to help protect your precious munchkins, be sure to consider, at minimum, the size, fabric quality, and style.

Experts suggest that you talk to your children about the importance of wearing a mask in a way that they can understand.

A helpful tip from some of the parents in the Wax & Wonder Tribe is to wear a mask yourself, thereby allowing your children to model your behavior.