COVID -19 Has Made Face Masks the “Must Have” Fashion Accessory

With no return to normal in the foreseeable future, and after many months of lockdown in an effort to combat the transmission of the Coronavirus, it seems Americans have grown weary of social isolation. With the country pushing to reopen, businesses have pressured many workers to get back to work.

The medical establishment has warned that Americans will have to change their ways and adopt new habits in efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus disease. Along with social distancing and hand washing, doctors have advised, and many states have passed laws that require anyone in public to wear a mask!

I guess it's safe to say that face masks have now therefore become the new must-have essential accessory, they’re not only vital to protect your health and the health of others, but they can be fun and fashionable too and come in a variety of beautiful designs that can help you express your individual taste and style. 

We offer our customers the option to customize their masks with the print of their choice and can even provide a dressskirt, or other accessories to match. If you have to go out in public, go out in style by creating your own customized matching head wrap and face mask set.

We also offer a variety of stylish reusable masks. The "Mapenzi" Reusable Unisex African Print Face Mask can fit any style whether you are a man or woman. It will help protect you and your family from airborne pathogens. Its double-layer design is even reversible. 

The nose wired “Kulinda” and “Amani" Reusable Unisex African Print Face Masks are two of our most popular masks. They conform comfortably to fit any face and are both equipped with a filter pocket to provide maximum protection from airborne pathogens. 

So, before you go out into public get your personal protection equipment, stay safe and do it with style and grace. 


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