Choosing a Kid-Friendly Face Mask

With many states reopening schools, masks for kids are not only vital for their protection from COVID-19, but will most likely be required by law, if they do return to school.

When choosing kids’ masks to help protect your precious munchkins, be sure to consider, at minimum, the size, fabric quality, and style.

Experts suggest that you talk to your children about the importance of wearing a mask in a way that they can understand.

A helpful tip from some of the parents in the Wax & Wonder Tribe is to wear a mask yourself, thereby allowing your children to model your behavior.

Explain to them that all of their friends will be wearing one should they return to school. Thank God for once – there’s an example of good peer pressure, lol. 

It's important to instruct them on how to wear the mask properly, and how to wash their hands before and after taking off and putting on the mask.

Parents should explain to their children that sometimes people get sick and show no visible signs of sickness, but can still make others sick.

Encourage them to keep their masks on and to stay safe without scaring them.

Protect what matters most and order a mask today for your little one.
...And remember, masks for kids can be stylish too!

Our Kids "Baraka" Reusable African Print Face mask will help protect your child from any airborne pathogens lingering in the air.

The BARAKA mask not only provides the protection that kids need, but it is also easy to wash and reusable, thereby saving parents money. Its cool color makes wearing it fun too!        

These masks are made of cotton fabric and have elastic ear straps.

Our unisex “Salama" Reusable African Print Face Mask is amongst one of the most popular masks chosen by parents. This Double-Layered 100% Cotton Fabric mask also offers great protection against airborne pathogens. It’s also washable and fits the face comfortably. So, you won’t have to worry about your children trying to take it off.

Its pleated design has a filter pocket giving parents the option to insert an additional filter for added protection.

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