Checkout Our YOGA & WINE Wax & Wonder Afropolitan Print-Rising Experience!

Spend an invigorating afternoon - with old and new friends - releasing through yoga and exhaling with a glass of wine. The class will be led by registered yoga instructor, Natasha Johnson. She specializes in flow yoga, alignment-oriented yoga, spiritually-oriented yoga, and more.  

As a reward for your hard work, you will earn an exclusive, vibrant, Afro-print piece compliments of the event organizer’s Afropolitan Boutique and Wax + Wonder.  This event will be hosted by our Brand Ambassador, Luan Burkholder, who will be there to welcome you and introduce this class. Natasha will pull from her experience to ensure you leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. She believes that despite the commercialized perception of yoga in the US, EVERY BODY is a yoga body. *All fitness levels are welcome.* 
This event is part of the newly launched “Print Rising Experience,” organized and hosted by lifestyle brands Afropolitan Boutique and Wax & Wonder . It celebrates the infusion of bold and vibrant Afro-print into our everyday life; each event promises to help attendees rejuvenate their body, mind and style as well as stimulate and awaken your senses.  Space is limited so get your tickets ASAP.
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A Print-Rising Experience

Yoga & Wine Event with

Yoga Instructor: Natasha Johnson

Date + Time:  April 27th, 2019 @12pm-1:30pm EDT
Address:  53 Bridge street Suite 201, Brooklyn, NY 11201
RSVP:  For more details, please contact 
Host(s): Wax & Wonder / Afropolitan Boutique - Luan Burkholder

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