Doing it for the culture: According to Wax & Wonder Brand Ambassadors

For Black History Month, we asked a few of our Brand Ambassadors to shine a spotlight on someone, who is either #doingitfortheculture or has heavily influenced their professional space. Funny enough, they each came up with a woman, which is perfect considering International Women's Day is around the corner. 

Our Ambassadors are storytellers and social entrepreneurs, who are making an impact in their local U.S communities and throughout the Black Diaspora.

Here's what Lorna said:

"Do you sometimes feel that you have to minimize your shine? I've had to. 😏 Oh, I could tell you stories. But then I virtually met @badassboz and she confirms that it's okay to be me, just as I am - unapologetic!

Let me introduce to some and welcome to others one of my #WC's Bozoma Saint John @badassboz. 
A tall striking ebony hued powerhouse who loves her daughter, adores her mom, misses her husband and takes no bull&%$#! 

If you've taken an Uber or subscribe to Apple Music, Bo
z had something to do with that. This marketing star, who’s currently CMO of the global media conglomerate Endeavor, will host and produce the upcoming documentary series Bozoma: Being Badass on the Starz network."

“I love fashion, I can’t lie about that,” Saint John says. “Interestingly enough, it has been a really big conversation as part of my corporate journey, too. The fact that I’m able to show up in sequins on Tuesday–people have a lot of questions about that."

#Badassboz is #doingitfortheculture

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Wax & Wonder is a lifestyle brand, which utilizes vibrant African wax fabric to create apparel and accessories for women, men and children. Our items are handcrafted in Liberia, West Africa by our sister brand, Afropolitan Boutique, which was established in 2010 by our CEO and Founder Tianna Sherman-Kesselly. All of our fabrics are curated from local market women in Africa. 

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