For Black History Month, we asked a few of our Brand Ambassadors to shine a spotlight on someone, who is either #doingitfortheculture or has heavily influenced their professional space. Funny enough, they each came up with a woman, which is perfect considering International Women's Day is around the corner. 

Our Ambassadors are storytellers and social entrepreneurs, who are making an impact in their local U.S communities and throughout the Black Diaspora.

Here's what Tyler said:

"As a woman of color looking to be in the beauty industry, it was hard to find people that looked like me as forms of inspiration. That is until I discovered Jackie Aina! 

Not only is Jackie an inspiration in terms of opening doors for herself and leading innovative trends within the community. She is an advocate for inclusivity within the Beauty Industry. 
I am truly inspired by Jackie's approach to all things beauty, as far as making things work for you even if they were not necessarily put in place for you. 

In addition, Jackie is an African woman and does not shy away from showing it off. Similarly, I identify deeply with my African Roots and because it is so close to me I express it through everything I do, from the way I interact with people to my style! Here’s to Jackie Aina doing it for the culture! 

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Wax & Wonder is a lifestyle brand, which utilizes vibrant African wax fabric to create apparel and accessories for women, men and children. Our items are handcrafted in Liberia, West Africa by our sister brand, Afropolitan Boutique, which was established in 2010 by our CEO and Founder Tianna Sherman-Kesselly. All of our fabrics are curated from local market women in Africa. 

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