Letter from Tianna, Our Founder & CEO

To You - Our Fellow Afro-Print Lover,

Since being in business, we have been committed to encouraging our clients to embrace their uniqueness through our bold and vibrant African Fashion styles. Today, we encourage you to use your unique beauty, strength and grace to remain steadfast during this unprecedented and challenging time.

Our hearts are with those who have been affected by COVID-19. We also thank all of you, who are at the frontline of care – doctors, nurses and others helping to provide public services. May each of you be mentally, spiritually and physically well.

Whether you are at home with kids and/or a significant other, or are single and living on your own, or a caregiver to an elderly parent, we would like to hear from you! Engage members of the Tribe in our "Print Rising" Facebook Group – Don’t let this current, temporary norm of social distancing make you feel lonely. Share in the group, and also feel free to email us at hello@waxandwonder.com with ideas on things that would enhance your experience. We do what we do, for you!

Now, this is the second time that we’ve been impacted by a viral outbreak. The first was with Ebola from 2014-2015, which impacted the Mano River Union, which included our community in Liberia. To remain safe during that outbreak, we:
  • Practiced social distancing – stopped handshaking, hugging and greeting with our traditional 2 kisses
  • Washed our hands with soap and water or used hand sanitizers
  • Stopped sharing utensils and food sharing, which is a major part of our African culture
  • Avoided touching ones eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoided close contact with people who were sick
  • Stayed home when we were sick or a family member was sick
  • Covered our cough or sneeze
  • Cleaned and disinfected frequently touched objects and surfaces

This time we are dealing with a global outbreak, which is impacting the world, at large. As the recent events have been rapidly unfolding surrounding COVID-19, we have been closely monitoring and following the recommendations and expert advice provided by both government and health officials. As part of our company culture, our staff in the United States and Liberia have put our "Ebola" protocols back into place to manage our day-to-day operations, as it relates to your orders and public safety overall.

For now, all orders will be delivered as promised. If there are any changes, we will update you.

Stay Safe,

Tianna Sherman-Kesselly
Founder & CEO
Wax & Wonder
Afropolitan Boutique, Liberia

PS. Do Me a Favor, 
When the Sun Comes Out…Remember to Stand Outside & Shine Bright! In fact, take a picture and share it in the Facebook Group with an uplifting quote! It will brighten our day!

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